What we offer:

We provide multiple packages to suit your specific needs. We offer daily, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, seasonal or one time checks on your cottage or seasonal home. We can also check in to make sure your renters have a hassle free experience. We make sure plumbing, septic, roof, and rodent issues are non existent.


The extras we offer:

-Management services for snow, grass and cleaning services

-Tree trimming

-Gutter cleaning

-Driveway grading

-Decks and dock construction and repairs

-Walkways, patios and natural stone walls/steps

-Pressure washing

-Garbage and recycling disposal

-Light bulb replacement

-Furnace filter replacement

-Softener salt top up

-Cottage opening and closing

-Grocery delivery

-Specialized list of certified trades and pest control on call

-Ask us about any type of service you don't see and we will do our best to accomodate


Kawartha Storm Watch.


At KCC, we are local, know the area and how the weather can be at times. With every subscription, you get the added service of “Kawartha Storm Watch”. This free service includes a free inspection after every storm that is issued by Environment Canada (wind, rain, snow, flood, etc.) We check for any damage to the property, boats, docks, etc. We check for power outages and if trees have fallen along roadways that could inhibit access to the property. We have certified trades on staff to address all issues at a moments notice.

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